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Welcome to the first International PPPM CentreNeeds of individuals and innovative healthcare services are in our focus

Dear Visitors of PPPM Centre, s.r.o.

      Let us Welcome you to the web site of the Centre for Predictive, Preventive, and Personalised Medicine (PPPM) which was developed by the team of the PPPM Centre, s.r.o., a private company founded in the Slovak Republic and co-operating with the medical professionals, researchers and scientists across whole Europe and well beyond.
We hope that our page will provide you with all the information needed and you decide to use the services we offer with the aim of practical application of PPPM in every day’s life, and with the aim of helping you in taking care about your health through the complex analysis of your health status and consequent predictions about possible problems, if any, and suggestions of particular preventive actions or therapeutic procedures. While we will be analyzing data and preparing final health status report you can enjoy Slovakia’s hospitality, the beauty of the local nature, culture, cuisine, accommodation facilities, wellness resorts, and broad spectrum of activities which can help you relax or actively spend your time here.

We look forward to meeting you in Ružomberok
Best regards

Team of PPPM Centre, s.r.o.

Current Healthcare

  • Unsatisfactory Situation in Healthcare
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          Due to a great scientific and technological progress achieved in biomedical sciences over the last decades, life expectancy is permanently increasing. On the other hand, however, the quality of life of chronically sick people (metabolic syndrome, cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, amongst others), and the quality of life in the ageing population is rather questionable, thus resulting in an evident patient’s dissatisfaction and dramatically rising economic burden to the healthcare sector as well as other branches. The unsatisfactory situation in the healthcare strongly compromises well-being and working efficacy of socially active groups that are affected by their own chronic disorders as well as chronic disorders of their family members.
  • Need for a Paradigm Change
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          On a global scale, healthcare sector spends enormous amount of money (on average 7-12 % of GDP by covering treatments of generally preventable diseases instead of changing philosophy from unbalanced and costly disease-treatment-oriented to the advanced health-support/maintaining-oriented medical services as economically sustainable healthcare system that is focused on the needs of individuals and the society at large.
  • Flagship for Practical Implementation of PPPM
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          The PPPM Centre has been created to practically implement innovative PPPM (Predictive, Preventive, and Personalised Medicine) strategies in healthcare, benefitting not only European citizens but all people who wish to take care of their health, further benefitting healthcare sector and also the whole society. The PPPM Centre is envisioned as an ecosystem actively utilising renewable resources of the PPPM-driven biomedical sciences and highly cooperative medical clusters, cost-effective tele-medical approach and multi-professional expertise networked in Europe and worldwide by operating in a tight collaboration with European Association for Predictive, Preventive, and Personalised Medicine (EPMA, the PPPM-leading organisation active in 52 countries worldwide) and European Medical Association (EMA, networking over 50.000 medical doctors in Europe).
  • The Focus of PPPM Centre
          PPPM Centre is primarily focused on predictive diagnostics, detection of preventable risk factors and sub-optimal health condition in individuals, predictive screening applied to the general population and preventive measures tailored to the person. Specific needs of youth are essentially in the focus of the Centre.

    PPPM Centre deals with the entire spectrum of modifiable/preventable risk factors detected via individualised patient profiles, utilising detailed questionnaires, family history records, multi-level diagnostic approach in multiple fields of laboratory medicine, imaging techniques, disease-specific molecular-biological patterns, and others. The acquired health-related data analysis is an indispensable task of the PPPM Centre. Mathematical models created by leading world-experts in high-performance computing enable successful completion of individualised risk assessment, precise patient stratification, and creation of the evidence-based treatment algorithms for the preventive measures tailored to the person. PPPM-related educational programmes for professional groups and individuals visiting the Centre to undergo expert examinations is a vital activity of the PPPM Centre with the aim of increasing health literacy, an essential factor in the health-oriented complex healthcare.
  • Block Scheme of PPPM Centre
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          The four basic tasks of PPPM Centre are the following: Health assessment and predictive diagnostics/screening, Health supporting/maintaining services, Health education of the population as well as medical professionals, and Health related research in the field of PPPM and interdisciplinary research with focus on health support/maintenance, efficient predictive markers, presymptomatic patient stratification, preventive procedures and personalised therapy.
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Upcoming Events

The list of events where representatvies of PPPM Centre, s.r.o. can be met:
    • Sep 19-22

      EPMA World Congress 2019

      We are participating at the regular bienial international Congress
      location_on Pilsen, Czech Republic access_time 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
      This year EPMA celebrates the 10th anniversary since its official beginning in 2009. Already the 5th Congress on PPPM will be focused on key role of biomarkers and molecular biology. For more information follow this link.

    Recently Visited

      • Jan 31

        21st Annual Conferrence of SSLM

        Participation at local congress
        location_on Bratislava, Slovakia access_time 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
        The main topic of the conference is laboratory diagnostics, innovations, education in the field of laboratory medicine and the related policies.

        The conference is organized by the Slovak Society for Laboratory Medicine (SSLM), in cooperation with Slovak Medical University (SZU) and the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic (MZ SR).

        Link to the book of abstracts in Slovak language.
      • Nov 26-27


        Active participation at local congress
        location_on Žilina, Slovakia access_time 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

        Congress is dedicated to presentation of the new trends in laboratory diagnostics and it serves as an opportunity for particular experts to meet and share their opinions, organized by Beckman Coulter.
        "Nové úlohy laboratórnej medicíny a laboratórnej diagnostiky v ére rozvoja PPPM."

      • Nov 4-6

        XIII. kongres SSKB

        National congress of Slovak Society of Clinical Biochemistry
        Piešťany, Slovakia access_time 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

        Bienial congress with interntional participation covers wide range of topics related to clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine, and it is the main event organised by SSKB.

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